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July 29, 2022
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July 30, 2022

Hello Divas! Hope you have been awesome as ever! Well, I am doing great! ? The major reason for the recently found happiness is my latest Bag Shopping! ?

They say you don’t have to carry a bag that costs you more than a car to look cool. So I decided to take a trip to the local market in Udaipur and man was I surprised! I got such a great deal on the most colorful and designer bags ever. [I ended up buying five, but no regrets].

Not only the city astonished me with the culture it has to offer, what twinkled my eyes more was the fact that how the people brought the culture to their designs. And the minds behind creating such beautiful art don’t even have any formal fashion education. But man o man they know what they are doing.

The Market (Hathipole): If you are looking for some place really interesting that screams culture and colours, do visit Hathipole in Udaipur. This market is an essential part of Udaipur visit as it is loaded with handicrafts, that vary from hand-printed bed sheets and clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, furniture and many more. Just wear your comfortable shoes, for this could be a long walk, and prefer going on a two-wheeler, as parking might be an issue here. Else take a paid ride. No matter what ride you take, the experience with the city is all worthwhile. Do write to me if you have already visited  Hathipole or are planning on visiting it. ?

The Handcrafted Bags:

They say if you have hands, do handmade. Well I might not have the art to make my own bags, but I surely have won the right place to shop from! #NowThatIsCool
So coming back to the basics, like I shared earlier, I ended up owning a bunch of bags from a local store by the name of SMB Handicrafts and I must say it felt like I was in a parallel world made of beautiful bags- all handcrafted.

  1. Brown Fringed Clutch: I immediately fell in love with this brown fringed clutch. It’s chic, designer and damn spacious. And I totally love the golden details. It also comes with a cotton-pearl strap that makes it even more convenient to carry. But my first choice is using it as a clutch.
  2. Color Me Good Elephant Hand Bag (Embroidered): My second buy was this black hand embroidered handbag, the base color is black, and the rest is a beautiful, beautiful blend of the local color sparks that scream culture. The mirror details at places add to the beauty.

3.The Potlis: My next buy is the interesting potlis I bought. So I thought of buying one, but you know they say there’s no such thing as enough handbags, so I ended up buying two. The subtle pearl detailing is great. I bought it in two shades, one is a bit champaign-ish gold and the other one is more of a colourful affair. [*Rumour has it that there might be a giveaway planned soon*].

4. Golden Hand clutch: Now golden colour has a major impact on the city of culture, considering the Mighty Royal history of this city. This peace screams Rajputana and I am in love with it.

If you are looking for more, well you are in luck, for bags is not the only thing they sell. They range from bags to lamps to umbrellas to timeless pieces to antiques to furniture. You name anything, they have right under one roof. So If you are in Udaipur the next time, do visit Hathipole and do visit SMB Handicrafts. The details have been shared below.

Address: Pannadhay Marg, Opposite Urban Bank, Hathipole
POC: [7414018536, 9829499885]

And do share your experiences in the comments section below. And if you have any questions related to Udaipur or shopping in Udaipur, do leave a message. I will reply here. You may also write to me on my email.

P.S.: There’s a contest to be announced very soon. Winners get interesting giveaways. This is all for now. Keep visiting for more!

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