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July 29, 2022
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July 29, 2022
  • Jacket and Bag: StalkBuyLove
  • Denims: Levi’s
  • Top: Thrift Shop
  • Watch: Daniel Wellington
  • Shoes: Fitoor

Hey Divas!

How are you doing my ladies? I know I have been gone for so long…. I know… I have been busy is not the best comeback speech, But I believe the pictures say a lot about where I have been busy. I took this time to reinvent myself, and I have been lucky enough to have taken a step that has made me look at things with a whole new perspective, and now I look completely different from what I used to. 

This is the new me and curvy diva chic finally stands true to her vision: beauty knows no size. How pretty I used to be and how awesome I feel now. How I loved myself before and how I adore myself now!I know you have a lot of questions, and I have your answers, trust me, I will talk about them all, in this and upcoming posts. 

I have adapted this new lifestyle recently and I am loving it, as much as I have loved my previous life. Its just the approach that has changed. I may look like a different person,  but I am still the same. On the outside everything may seem different, but on the inside, everything is thesame. 
What’s different now? Well, I am the kind of girl who takes more chances on life now. I did that before too, but I do it more now. I have become very experimental, if you will, and my style choices have become very minimalist. 

But I like a colour pop every now and then, and this is what I have here, on my feet, these beautiful pair of minimalist fashion. These shoes I got from Fitoor, and I love how they add a pop to my outfit instantly. They look traditional, but I think they look great on western outfits. Fitoor has a very subtle collection for those who like effortless fashion and are always on the go, so if that’s your style, do check their website here. They have a really elegant collection in both apparel and accessories. 

The best part about Fitoor is their brand vision, old meets the new: They have used traditional block printing and crested art out of it in their beautiful designs. I am particularly in love with their effortless styles, meant for people like me, who love fashion,  but are always on the go. Do check their website for tome awesome summer collection. 

Just like my choice in shoes, a lot has changed in the past few months, but one thing that has remained constant, is the fact that I am, always have been, and will always be, you curvy diva chic. Do share your views about this new post, and do not forget to like, subscribe and comment on this post. 

Awaiting your love,
~A.L. ?