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July 29, 2022
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July 30, 2022

Hello Divas!

I am excited to share with you that my interview got featured in the Monday edition of “The Hindu”. Yes, the copy of the print version of 19 Feb 2018 has your Curvy Diva Chic, as herself, Aakanksha Luthra in it!

All this time of writing articles lead to one thing I had never thought would happen: being written about, and that too in the most respected newspapers of this country! I feel honoured, happy, excited and thankful.

I remember calling my father up as soon as I got off the phone with Sunalini Matthew, sharing with him the news, “Dad! I think I am gonna be in The Hindu.” Dad initially thought I am going to write for the newspaper, he congratulated me. Later I explained how I was interviewed today and will be featured soon.

Yesterday, we were descending the stairs and he asked me “So, when is this article going to be out?” I just said “I don’t know, maybe this week, or on Woman’s Day. I will confirm with Sunalini today.” I got excited about the fact that I am going to be featured, that I completely forgot to ask when it is going to be published! I just mailed Sunalini and asking about the publishing date, and she immediately responded with “Today!”.

I was still at the office, she was kind enough to send me the online link and the PDF of the page. It was my celebrity moment and I feel amazing.

Well, none of this would have happened without your support and love. Cheers to you guys!!!

For those who wish to read the online version of this article, may click the link here.