Comfort Food ft. Santa’s Elf
July 30, 2022

I imagine a whole different world for myself. A world that has a whole new air. A bubble that is different from the current bubble I am living in. Yes, we all are living in a certain bubble. It’s a whole new level of realisation, that freaks me out, but gets me closer to reality at the same time. It’s a whole different realm. A world that accepts you as is and let’s you be. That world is right there, in my head.

How many times have you been in a situation when you have thought about escaping to a whole new space and starting over? What if I told you that you could do it, right where you are, without moving around? Yes, its possible. All you need to do is move your awareness. And I am not saying things based on bookish knowledge, I am telling you based on tried and tested methods. Yes, its possible. All it takes is a little faith in yourself. And no, you don’t need to ask anyone. You need your own mind. Listen to that gut feeling you have avoided this whole time. Sometimes, you know what’s right, and you suppress that voice within you. Well, I just have one word for that…. Don’t!

You are your own guide. Don’t let anyone… Anyone tell you otherwise! You will be surprised to learn the results. The level of esteem you will gain will surprise you. Sure, there are times we need help. We do need advice. But people can just guide you, ultimately, its your decision. Sure,  we all have our moments when we do mistakes, but that’s what makes us humans, doesn’t it?

The next question is, “What if it was a mistake? What if I was wrong?” Until the moment you try it, how will you ever know?? So yeah, if you have made a mistake, you gotta accept it, you gotta make amends, and you gotta offing move on. But whatever you do, make sure you are ready to make your fair share of mistakes.

Just be  truthful to yourself. You owe yourself this one. So ladies, with this, I’d leave you to this. I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Do leave it in the comments section below.

Awaiting your love,


~A.L. ?